Rory's T Diary

24 yr old trans guy.

This is my T diary. It is a diary for me to look back on my transition progress as well as a resource for other trans* individuals.


- don't be shy- I will always answer privately if possible.

No question is stupid, and i will always do my best to point you in the right direction if I cannot answer your question.

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Because I’ve been slacking: 30 day trans challenge

Days 29 and 30:

Write out something positive about yourself using the letters of your name. Ex. Your name is Bob so B-Beautiful O-Outstanding B-Boy?

R- Raucous

O- Outrageous

U- Unicorn

R- Rambunctious

K- Kind

E- Easygoing

^ (I am no good with words – was that supposed to form a sentence? And yes, I am a unicorn)

Write a haiku about being trans

Damn, I need a job

Prescriptions are expensive

So is surgery



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